Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Favorite Photo

As I sit here listening to the pitter patter of slushy rain outside falling on the dusting of snow, I am longing for the face of spring. I decided to travel back in time to last spring to view some of the pictures I took while on a maddening 3 month creative explosion. The picture above is what I call my Angel in the Sky,she showed up one day as a confirmation to me about the work I was doing.

It all started around the end of January 2007. I was in an energy funk. I didn't want to leave the house. Had no interest in anything. Was physically exhausted. But was not depressed. Was not happy. Just was. Sort of just hanging with no expectation or emotion, but knowing in time things would shift dramatically. Didn't know how. Didn't know what. Just trusted the gut feeling, knowing it was right.

As time went on I realized these were the Ascension Symptoms and my body was adjusting to being in this new, higher vibrating frequency. It seemed like forever before the period of transition subsided, but when it did all hell broke loose.

First I started working on a photo essay called Project Blue Sky, with the purpose of determining if the sky over my home and local neighborhood was indeed being bombarded by chemtrails or was I just imagining this. For the entire month of April 2007 I took photos. See my earlier post explaining this. At the end of the month I decided I needed to create an Elemental Garden.

So what is an Elemental Garden? In my mind it was a small garden space for the elementals, especially the air slyphs, to come to rest and restore their energies, for the work they do to help the planet. Once I started on this journey, it was like initially deciding to go for a walk around the block, then changing your mind and walking across the country instead. I became manic, fully driven to put this garden in as a tribute and retreat for the elementals. Some days working 10 -12 hours or more in the garden. All else was pretty much put on hold. I couldn't break away from this project even if I wanted to.

This can become a real annoyance to those I live with, when I am in my manic mode. Fortunately, I never go depressive...after manic, it is normal behavior. My mood doesn't fluctuate in either state, just my attention and focus to task. Yesterday my oldest daughter, a senior in high school said to me, "Mom, I have analyzed you, and finally figured you out. When you get involved in a new project that becomes your world until you can get the work done, and most times it means dinners aren't gonna be that great." I chuckled, knowing I was busted!

Anyway, the elemental garden is a wonderful journey, that many have enjoyed reading about and following. It is way to long to post here, but I want to link to it...if you are curious, if you need a break from the winter doldrums, if you want to see some interesting photos, grab a cup of coffee or tea and travel with me through the Elemental Retreat project.

Looking back through this today is making me excited to begin my planning work for the garden this year, and yep, gotta get my order in for the Biodynamic tomato seeds. After last year, we now know better that a mega staking system is needed in order to harvest the thousands of tomatoes we harvested.

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