Friday, February 1, 2008

Project Blue Sky: Photo Essay

Have you looked outside at the sky lately? When you look up, do you see a crystal clear, deep blue sky, filled with beautfiul cloud formations that takes your breath away? Or are you greeted by other types of skies? Ones that are dark and overcast? Ones with criss crossing jagged lines spoiling the view? Ones with wide feathery plumes spreading across the horizon?

Last year I decided to do a photo essay project to see what was really going on in our neighborhood. Here is the results of the project. Although done in April 2007, the story and results are still relevant. Hope you will come along on my journey!

Several months ago I became aware of something called Chemtrails that are occurring at a frequent rate in the sky. I have watched several videos on the subject and was left with the imprint of one question posed "Where have the blue skies gone?" My initial reaction was this is a bit of an exaggeration, the sky is blue more than it isn't...then I began to pay closer attention, and what do you know!

When you take the time to look at the sky there are some very strange things happening on a daily basis. So I decided to do an amateur's photo recap of the month of April and the see what the sky holds...A good video introduction is Aerosol Crimes for those wishing to look further into the subject. The Discovery Channel recently had a piece on the show Best Evidence, on chemtrails vs contrails. The show was so one-sided and demonstrated poor science, but if it has make the public more aware to investigate themselves, then that is a good result.

Also the website contains a wealth of information if you are looking to study this topic in more depth. Most photos will be taken in Silverdale, Pa and the temperatures will be recorded in degrees Fahrenheit when I can. I am not a scientist, not a photographer, and have little experience using a camera, but I am an interested citizen, wanting to make some observations as I study this topic. You just may find yourself, wanting to take a second, third, fourth look ....and compare what you are seeing in your home location as well.These 4 photos below are a few I took back in March 2007. As I stated above, I am by no means a photographer but I figured I'd like to capture some of what I am seeing....

To view the photo essay and commentary go to:
Part 1......... Part 2 ......... Part 3.........Part 4

What do your skies look like? Is it hard to find a day of clear blue?
I'd love to hear from you.


Kathleen B. said...

Hi Susan,
I watch the chemtrails all the time and cannot help but wonder. When you see aircraft without them there is definitely a defineable difference. Thanks.

Susan Anderson said...

Yes, that is the key..first to be aware and watch the difference as you have, between the chem and con trails. Some days the chemtrails are so bad it is hard to believe that most people would not be questioning what really is going on..but I have found that with focused attention and the creation of an Elemenatal garden on our property, the chemtrails are fewer and further between spray days.