Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stones and Crystals

Through the past years I have come to work closely with a variety of stones and crystals to help augment the energy work I do on myself or with clients. I am attracted to working with these friends of the Earth because they are simple yet complex, gentle yet powerful.

Everything has its optimum vibrational frequency. If I am sick, my vibration begins to slow down, if I am healthy and energized, it is higher. " The human body is a symphony of sounds. Every chakra, every organ, every bone, every tissue, every cell has its own resonant frequency, its own sound. Together, they create a unified or composite frequency, with its own sound, like the instruments of an orchestra coming together. Ideally, the individual sounds and frequencies comprise a harmonious whole. That is when the body is functioning as it should, in health. However, when an organ is out of time or out of tune with the rest, then the entire body is affected. This disharmony leads to states of disease and disintegration."

Each stone and crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency signature. When our body gets out of balance, we look for ways to restore harmony. Through the use of stone therapy, we can help to re-align the body, so it moves back to that state of homeostasis. So how does this happen? Through the entrainment process. For example, if you would line a wall of a room with a number of grandfather clocks, each one's pendulum would be swinging at a different rate. With in a short period of time, they would synchronize and all be swinging together in harmony. This is due to entrainment.

The same occurs when using stone and crystal therapy. If I dowse an area of my body and find a spot that is energetically showing a restriction in flow, I can place the correct stone or crystal at that spot. After a period of time, the energy in the restricted area begins to respond to and entrain to the level of the vibrational frequency of the stone. This process helps to re-energize the body.

Clear Quartz Crystals
Although I do work with a variety of stones, the clear quartz crystal is my favorite. When one first looks at quartz crystals they may notice they are different, but not realize the importance of these differences. Each one has it's own distinct personality, with unique personality traits, just like you and I have.

For example, when you first hold a crystal in your hand, you become aware of your physical and emotional response to it. It may speak to you loud and clear, or it may not leave you with any particular impression. As you study the physical characteristics of the crystal you begin to notice differences. Some have a point on each end, others have just one. Some are cloudy, some clear, some mixed. The largest face of the Crystal will vary, some have 5, 6 , 7, or 8 edges surrounding them. Some will have raised indentations, mineral inclusions, small growths, specific shapes. So what does all this mean? Well, each is a characteristic. Once aware of these particular meanings, it allows you to work with more knowledge and understanding.

Let me give you an example. Some crystals are very clear. This attribute would be considered Yang, or masculine. This type of crystal is said to represent actions, power, force, strength--male energy qualities. Other crystals are cloudy or milky in appearance. These would be Yin or feminine, and are said to represent receptivity, love, communication, negotiation, sensitivity--female energy qualities. Knowing this information is useful for yourself or when working with others using Stone Therapy. If you or another person is experiencing an imbalance of either masculine or feminine energy that is affecting the body, working with the crystal of the more depleted energy, helps to restore balance.

So when working with crystals, first learn about them--what are their qualities, attributes, vibrational frequencies, how do they look in raw form as opposed to cleaned and polished? Clear and cleanse the stones and crystals before using. Connect with their energy. Feel what they are saying. Follow your intuition, it will guide you to ways you can work with them.

For an introduction into this topic, consider signing up for my Stone and Crystal class. It covers the main characteristics of the clear quartz crystal, with many samples of each type to study. You receive a booklet with detailed descriptions and a sampling of stones and crystals. We just had a wonderful class again last night. Check back for the next scheduled event.


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