Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Very Important Question

Today I attended a dowsing meeting and the speaker was a wonderful healer by the name of Nancy Russell. Although she spoke beautifully on many things, the most important point I got from her presentation was, at the end of the day ask yourself this question:

Am I bitter or am I better?

She spoke about the need to have fun and enjoy life. As I was taking my walk in the park this morning I was meditating...thinking about how every morning when I wake up I have the choice to make it a great day or not. I like to announce to the universe when I am showering that my choice for the day is that Today is the best day of my life! When I approach the day from this vantage point it is much easier to start off with an attitude that will take me forward. I am not suggesting that as the day rolls on I never am challenged because of this approach...but it does have an impact on my choice of how I decide to respond to my state of challenge.

When the day is started also with the intent of having fun and enjoying the moments, we see things differently. During my walk this morning, I enjoyed the sounds flowing through the air, I enjoyed watching the flights of the bluebirds as well as watching the fisherman on the banks of the stream, taking the time to feel, see, and smell my surrounding more deeply. This joy also allowed me to forget, that sometimes I rather be laying in my warm bed rather than walking outside on a brisk spring as I prepare to go off to bed tonight...I ask myself, am I bitter or am I better? I am better because of all the wonderful experiences I encountered in my life today. So how was your day?

And here is the rest of it.

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