Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Being: The Next Step

The Evolution of Being is Being.
This simple statement brings into light that which is. Trying to uncover a bigger broader truth is like looking for a certain grain of sand on the beach. All the grains are the same.

Go Forth & Find the Being You Are.
You needn’t look under rocks, in the forest, or in books. You find the being that you are by going within and connecting to the greater source that flows through you at all times.

The Source: Magnificent & Without Words of Description.
The source is you. The source is all that surrounds you. The source is those you love, those you like, those you dislike, those you can’t bear the sight of…There is no discrimination, the source is ALL.

When You Reach the State of Being
You are vibrating at your highest level. This state allows you to express the truest part of yourself. This essence then expands outward to reach and affect the entire environment. Once you step into this space you recognize it by the way it feels and the way you feel. As you become more aware of this feeling you will return to this space for longer and longer periods of time and it will be an easier shift, to the point that it is instantaneous.

Alignment : The Space of Perfection Within
It opens the doors to greater experiences that yield higher learnings. Alignment is the place where we what to reside for the greater portion of our time because it is our natural state of being.

This is not a long, indepth piece of writing. The words are simple, the meaning- deep, the impact of understanding-profound. A gentle reminder from the guys in the back room of my mind.

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