Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I wrote this poem one night when I was supposed to be writing a paper
for one of my classes. It just came out and I really liked it.

Sitting alone, what do I see?
A kaleidoscope of experiences, I’d like to call me
An essence of divine swirling about
A blending, a merging, new patterns throughout.

My perceptions shift with an arrangement of moves
each turn of the tube, creates a new found truth
Sometimes frightening, sometimes divine
But hopefully, an awareness of the heartfelt kind

To look deeply inside, peeling off layers of debris
This ir really hard work, this looking for me
Just when I think, “Oh, it feels comfortable here”
A little voice says- “Not so fast, you have much more to clear”.

Each moment in time holds a teaching of being
Opening myself, enables this kind of seeing
Of the subtle, the messages, the two way flow
The keys to development, the direction to go.

And so, I journey on, to connect to my source
To really experience it, to learn from my course
To not only know, but to feel and to be
The wholeness, the one, who truly can see

The divinity of God
That exists all around
From the simplest among us
To the deeply profound

Sitting alone, what do I feel?
A kaleidoscope of experiences, that make me real
An essence of divine swirling about
Of it’s connection to me, I have absolutely no doubt.

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