Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Channelled Writing

As I was clearing out old files, I came across a folder with
a few of my channelled writings
from a few years back. When
I do writing of this sort, I just let the words come through and
jot them down. In this particular writing it begins with some questions.

The light of love comes through me.
Open yourself at the heart level to proclaim that which is yours and mine.
To be together in eternity is the quest of your life but it is the path through which all travel, tightly connected to the source of me.

Q: Where do I go from here?
Here is here, and where you choose to go is where your heart leads you-
down the path of eternal existence.

Q: Can you explain some of the life mysteries to me?
What is a mystery but that yet you have not uncovered.
Lift the veil, enter into the light of the kingdom with an open heart
and the mysteries will be revealed.

Q: How did life begin?
Life begins with the creation of The Movement.
Moving outward and inward simultaneously
to reach the clearest depths of the unknown
to transform into that of knowing.

Q: This all sounds too out there for me, can you reach
me with a clearer voice I can understand?
Life, my dear, is genuine.
Life is full.
Life is divine.
Life is the way to the depths of knowing and being.
Life is your experience, my experience.
Life is connected as one great web in the flow of energetic movement.

Q: Tell me about existence between lifetimes here on earth.
A place of beauty.
The soul’s journey homeward.
Forever striving for perfection.
Meeting with the unity of others.
In between, is a place of resting and rejuvenation,
preparation for the times to come,
review of the journey passed.
Life in between is an eternity of knowing that which is.

Q: Tell me about a time when I lived here before.

The darkness of the nights gave rise to the destiny you followed.
Brought in to lead, you fell short of your desired task.
Fear entered into and controlled your very movements till the end.
This time, while you are here, you are charged with the teachings
you left behind before. You decided to give it a chance to prosper
within, to attempt to tackle the fear of the times, to help yourself
and others move out of the darkness toward the light. Let you not
get caught like a sticker branch on a gate or fence. Disengage from
the self within and go deeper to make contact with the essence of
your true being.

Q How can I achieve my current desires?
Drop the fear of need.
Believe it is so, and it will appear.
That which you need is well within reach,
you just need to extend the
arms of faith toward that which is and it is
your for the grasping.

Q: Talk to me- tell me anything!
A mountain is but an illusion.
The sky is but a vision of non-clarity.
The sound is to be followed.
The reasons you need, are not needed.
The quest you search for is within.
Open the door, you have the keys.

Comment: Just letting the voice come through now without any questions.

My eyes burn with the tears of others who are left unfilled.
A cup of rye is there.
Where am I going?
What do I see?
Everything seems to be swirling about me in a sea of eternity.

The night’s darkness rises from the hallowed ground reaching toward the eternal light.

That which is—say!
Go and be who you are and what you are meant to be.

See through the eyes of compassion.
Feel through the hands of the divine.
Taste the morsels of immortality as it is given
in every moment of your life.

Hear these works and shout them to the crowds who need them.
Whisper to those who want them.
Cry in the evening, of the souls who refuse them.

Let is be to known that all is as it should be
and any time you encourage,
you succeed in moving closer to who you are
and what you are choosing to experience.

The choice is but yours and
cannot be thrust upon another.
The wisdom you can provide is in giving that which you have to offer
in a manner which is truly from the divinity of me.
Knowing that you try to reach the perfection within yourself
is the ultimate goal of success in life.

I am that which Is.
You are that which you Become.
Together we Are.
Let this be what enlightens your way.

June 6, 2004

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