Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dare to Be Healthy Series: Step 2

Moving Forward, One Day at a Time
Ok so by now you have finished the first step of creating your healthy image in your mind. We will begin to Dare to Do Something Healthy each day as we move forward in our personal challenge to make changes. Remember this: we are looking to make life long changes that stay with us rather than jumping in with a big splash that produces no noticeable long term results.

Commit to the Journey
Today is about writing a contract to yourself to commit to this challenge, to agree to work every day toward self improvement. So here is today’s task- write a one paragraph only contract, that is both inspirational and binding, stating your intention to accomplish to this goal. Include your own personal philosophy that will help you in the days to come. Sign and date it. Make copies and post them everywhere. Put one on the bathroom mirror so it is the first thing you see in the morning, Put a copy on the refrigerator, to help you remember your plan. Put another copy in your purse or wallet so it is there when you are tempted to make a questionable purchase. Think of the strategic places a copy should be within eyeballs view: at work, near the computer, in the car, wherever temptation lurks to pull you off your course.

Why All This Crazy Posting?
Well, we want to be able to keep our plan first and foremost in our mind. We want a positive set of thoughts to replace any self recriminating thinking that may have been occurring previously. The first part of manifesting our new reality is achieved by energizing our thoughts in the format we want to create.

Here is My Personal Contract
I, Susan Anderson, believe my life is an endless stream of opportunities and possibilities for good health, personal happiness and spiritual growth. I today choose to live my life fully from this perspective. I commit to make healthy choices today that empower me to be the person I am meant to be, so my life brings out the best in me and all those whose lives I touch through my actions.

So off you go now...
Do your contact, and come back later to find out the next step. And as always, if you wish to share your personal contract with us, please post a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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