Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dare to Be Healthy Series: Step 3

The Once a Day Look in the Mirror

Let's Review First
Alright, you should only be back here now if you have written your 1 paragraph pledge to commit yourself to this program and have those pieces of paper plastered all over the place. Ok, ok, yes, you can start will a few postings, but promise yourself you will put them in very strategic places. Posting in the garage if you don't spend much time there, or if it is not place of temptation to lead you astray, is not a really good idea. Right now I have my pledge posted on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, by the TV, in my car, on a kitchen cabinet, in my wallet and as a bookmark in the book I am reading. I want to keep this first and foremost in my mind's eye as I walk through each day. It won't guarantee that I will always make the best decision, but will will guarantee that I am making a conscious choice about that decision.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall
The next step in the program is the daily look into the mirror, not the literal one hanging around, but feel free to look there too. It is the figurative mirror. Remember in Step 1 we jotted down our thoughts, ideas, doodles, etc about a healthy new image we are creating? Well we are going to go back to that book and commit to a daily review of our actions. Ah, how many of these daily things are going to be required everyday? Well I didn't say this was going to be easy. But it does require making some lifestyle changes that hopefully will develop into new habits.

We Don't Know Where We Are Going, Unless We Know Where We Have Been
The reason to make a daily commitment to recording our program experiences is to help us stay the course in several ways. It is about recognizing the pitfalls, it is about venting, it is about patting ourselves on the back, it is about translating thought energy into action energy. So what are the guidelines?

5 Minutes A Day
Decide on a time of day you can easily fit 5 minutes in for this reflection time. Maybe it will be the first thing in the morning, or as a mid afternoon break, or in the evening. What ever you decide this has to be a cornerstone of your program, meaning that everything else will rest upon your ability to keep this aspect of the course going. It is very important to establish this new routine so it easily and effortlessly incorporates into your life. Hey, you in the back there, I hear the grumbling! Let's face it, 5 minutes a day is very doable, so no complaining!!!

So once I decide on the time slot, what do I use it for you may be asking?
Good question! We use the 5 minutes to reflect upon how the program has worked for us over the last 24 hours. We rate the day on a scale of 1-5. A very challenging day, with difficulty holding on, would qualify as a 1 and a very successful day, which we sailed through easily would represent a 5. We make the call for what goes on in between. Remember we are assessing what we have been doing so far in the steps we have taken. So that means we can use our personal commitment pledge as a guideline if needed.

Next is our Atta Girl! or Atta Boy!
We will write down one thing we did successfully during the last twenty four hours. It doesn't have to be this big, major achievement, something small is good. Remember a home is built with a lot of small bricks and not one large stone. It is important to value the small steps we take and recognize that it is about how well we organize these steps that will make this plan work for us.

Zoning In
After that we will write down one thing we would like to improve in our self over the next twenty four hours. It should be simply stated in a positive way, indicating what we would like to incorporate more clearly throughout the next segment of time. It can be something that presented itself as a challenge in the previous days or it could be some aspect of self we are working on developing more fully. The idea is for it to be realistic and manageable for a 24 hour time frame.

Just these 3 things at this time.
1. Rate the Day
2. Atta Girl! or Atta Boy!
3. Zone In
Later on we will add some additional things. And of course, please don't feel boxed in by the 5 minute time limit, feel free to spend more time in refection anytime you want.

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