Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dare to Be Healthy

Author: Susan Anderson

Remember when you were a kid and somewhere along the line you played a version of the game Dare? In some format you would be dared to do something by one of your friends, and usually as a kid it didn’t always involve the best of judgment.

Well this game of dare is a lot more productive and wholesome for you…and it’s called Dare to Be Healthy.

So are you up to the challenge? Can I Dare You to Be Healthy ? Take it one step at a time and see how far you go.

Create Your Healthy Image
So take that first step….I dare you to figure out what a good healthy life looks like to you? What do you look like? What do you see yourself doing? How are YOU feeling- not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually? What are you eating? What kinds of thoughts run through your mind? What is your daily mood like? How about your relationships with others, what are they like?

Create the Mind Pictures of This Space.
Then record it somewhere and somehow. If you like to write, put it down on paper, if you like Vision Boards, cut out pictures, if you like to daydream, create the mental movie to keep on file that can be replayed over and over again. Don’t leave out any details.

Leave out comparisons to others.
This is all about you, so create this any way you want to
You are the megastar of this new reality.
I DARE you to do this and then come back later to find out what Step 2 is!

PS...Feel free to share your new reality with us, helping each other, inspiring one another, supporting each others efforts creates movement foward for everyone

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Sherry said...

Susan, I enjoyed your post. I work for an HMO, but I also have practiced Hands on Healing. The key to any health lifestyle is clearly balance. I teach meditation to mainstream HMO patients and if they can hear it they change their minds and change their lives. Thanks for sharing what you are doing on this blog. I've been sharing my tools on my blog, Daily Spiritual Tools, and would love your feedback or suggestions. Namaste, Sherry