Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dare to Be Healthy Series: Step 4

Created By Susan Anderson


So How's It Going?
If you have arrived here at Step 4 of the Dare to Be Healthy Challenge, it means you have done quite a bit so far to get this new life program off the ground. So Hooray! Cheers! Yaaay! Time to pat yourself a little bit on the back. Just a word of caution: I would not suggest moving onto this step until you have gotten into the rhythm of the prior steps. Which means... You are reviewing every now and again Step 1, creating your new vision of yourself. You are working with active awareness to achieve the daily contract with yourself. You are writing everyday for 5 minutes in your journal. Once these have become established, daily routines in your life you are ready for the next step

Going to Try With A Little Help From My Friends
John Lennon had it right! With a little help from our friends, our life's journey can be much better--fuller, happier, enriched, supported...and we can accomplish extraordinary feats. When we are facing life struggles, they are easier to handle knowing we have a friend nearby. When we have something wonderful to celebrate, the joy is greater when sharing with a friend. When we are just getting tired of the same-ness of day in and day out routine, humor, joy and fun become part of the equation, if we are walking the same path with a friend. Have I convinced you yet?

What Is Your Weakest Link?
When I wake up in the morning and say to myself, I am getting a shower and then going to the gym, by the time I have brushed my teeth, at least 10 great excuse have surfaced as to why that can't happen. So my success rate rapidly decreases to about 25% for weekly attendance, (cough, cough) if I am lucky. BUT when I am paired with a friend, a partner, who is depending on me to have someone to share a workout with, suddenly my success rate reaches about 95%. For me it is the gym and workouts, for someone else maybe its the food plan, for another person it may be the stress in their life. Regardless of what we may consider at this moment in time to be our weakest link, it suddenly becomes reinforced with greater strength in friend, accepting this Dare to Be Healthy fabulous! Several friends in an online community supporting each other is fabulous plus!

So Here's The Task
Find a friend who is looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. Invite them to take the challenge. Have them look over the program. If they decide to participate, ask them to be your Dare to Be Healthy Partner. If they agree, then together write out an agreement of how you will support each other. I am not here yet, since I am writing this program as I go along...I'll be back hopefully in a few days, now I have to go out and find a friend...

So Final Question...
As Mr. Rogers used to say...Will you be my friend? Post a comment, join in and lets mobilize an online support group. I would hate to take this walk all by myself when I know that there are others out there that would also benefit from a supporting friend as well.

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