Friday, April 11, 2008

10 Steps to Inner Peace

Here are 10 Symptoms of Inner Peace, as described by Wayne Dyer's from a talk at a conference in Arizona,these were handed down to him, now they are being passed off to you.

These can be described as providing food for the soul, so take some time to reflect on each statement, examine each closely in relationship to your personal situations, and then pass them through the heart center, to notice what your are feeling. If you like, share a bit of your thoughts with the rest of us.

1. Displaying the tendency to act spontaneously, less planned.

2. Showing the ability to enjoy each moment.

3. A loss of interest in judging other people.

4. A disinterest in explaining the behavior of others.

5. A decision to give conflict a ‘pass’.

6. You’ll stop watching/reading the news — sources of negativity & conflict.

7. Loss of the ability to ‘worry’.

8. Frequent episodes of appreciation & connectedness with people & nature.

9. Frequent ‘attacks’ of smiling.

10. An increased susceptibility to the love provided by others & an uncontrollable urge to love others.



Robin Plan said...

First the picture on this post is beautiful...

I think I'm gaining inner peace and didn't realize it. I "feel" 9 out 10 of these actions.

It feels great.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

You know Robin, I think the thing that really has the biggest impact on me is when I avoid the news outlets...TV, newspapers, turn the radio off and listen only to music that puts me in a good place.

Sometimes we forget it is our choice!