Friday, April 4, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Join me in spreading Seeds for Change....simple ways to bring about balance and harmony to make ourselves and this world a little better each day. So for today's debut...let's give a warm round of applause for:

Random Acts of Kindness...This concept has been around for quite a long time. These are those sweet or lovely things we do for no reason except that, momentarily, the best of our humanity has sprung into full bloom. So as we head more fully into Spring, how about dedicating some time to Random Acts of Kindness.

Here Are Some Suggestions for Practicing Acts of Kindness:

  • Leave a kind note for someone close to you in their wallet, lunch, car...saying how much you appreciate them

  • When baking or making something yummy in your kitchen, do a double batch and share with someone else

  • Let the person behind you in the grocery store line go ahead of you, even if they have more than a few items.

  • Print up a few pages of business cards that say something like Thanks for The Great Service! I appreciate your hard work to make my (fill in the blank) enjoyable. Leave them behind for your waitress/waiter, housekeeper at the hotel, actually any service person you encounter.

  • Smile warmly, look at another clearly, and share some genuine words of thoughtfulness, it can be as simple as that.

We are only limited by our self imposed restrictions...go out and make it a great Day of Kindness. And, get back to us and share what you are doing to make other peoples days beautiful!

. And here is the rest of it.


Robin Plan said...

Oh my favorite in Minnesota would be to shovel snow for a friend.

Also walk a neighbors dog.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Shoveling snow for a neighbor is the ultimate gift in kindness.

Evita said...

What a nice message! And did you know that there are actually scientific studies that show that upon doing an act of kindness your immune system is strengthened, even by watching or experiencing someone else do it there are benefits.
My favorite act of kindess is actually on the road as I have a half hour commute one way and experience lots of road rage - so I make sure that I am aware of people around me who need to merge or get into a lane and always let them in :)

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Thanks Evita for sharing! I have noticed the past week or so while driving, on more than a few occasions, someone has cut me off, totally unaware that I was even on the road as they switched lanes...and I have just been so thankful that I was aware, and I just smile and send blessings to them for a safe journey.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Here are a few of the comments I received via email today about the post..

From Liza:
Hi. I enjoyed that helped me turn the bitter to better, thank you. Random acts of kindness, bought a necklace for one of my yoga instructors, gave it to her unkowingly the day after or day of her nieghbors death. Let two people on two different shopping trips go in front of me at the
store.Always tell my family how much I love them no matter what else is going on that is a standard, I read the book randum acts of kindess years ago during
a bitter divorce and try to live my life as randum acts of kindness, above stories are just in last and blessings

From Peggy...
I love the random acts of kindness concept. It is a grounded conscious way to bring love to the forefront of our lives. Blessings.

Robin Easton said...

Such a clean and nurturing site. Nice to see that on the internet. Good energy, like the outdoors, which I really like to experience when I am online. Keep up the good work because we all need more it. : )

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Thanks for your kind words Robin! That great outdoors is starting to call...the weather is warming up and I'm itching to get out in the garden!

There are so many warm, inspirational sites and people out there, it makes me the statement "we are connected to everyone" more meaningful

brainteaser said...


Random acts of kindness... they are easy to do, yet we often neglect them. For ther recipient, these random acts mean so much.

My way of doing my 'random act' is playing with my neighbors children, and helping them with their ABCs.

I also smile a lot.

Warm smile to you, friends!


Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Hi true "easy to do, yet we often neglect them"...

I like to smile lot, it is a picture that speaks loudly...

But playing with children and helping them out is a more than a random act of kindness, it is one of the greatest gifts we give, long after a child has grown they will not remember the individual "things" that gave them pleasure at one time, but they will remember you in much detail, with great fondness, because you gave them a piece of yourself that they still carry around with them. Bravo! Keep spreading that sunshine!