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Garden Journal: April 24, 2008
As I sit here this morning having a cup of coffee, I decided to download some of the garden photos I took yesterday. These are pictures from sections in the Elemental Garden. (Photo to the Right: Wild Violets)

These violets make my soul smile...they are pure love and beauty. Last year as I was clearing the space for the garden, there were a few of these beauties.

It was decided to make room for them, invite them in to spread, and see what would happen the following season. I can not even begin to tell you how gorgeous they look and how abundant they are. So in this garden, as well as many of the other beds on the property, they are one of the first flowering arrivals to spread their seeds of happiness.

The Elemental Garden
She is awakening for the first time. Last summer she was created with much love and focus, as I worked together with the Deva of the Garden to create a retreat for the Elementals who have worked so hard to keep our skies overhead clear and our land flourishing with abundance. If you are interested in the full story about the origins of this amazing space, read Elemental Garden Retreat Project.

I have been amazed at the ease of preparation as I cleared her beds from the long winter's nap. Also, I am so excited and anxiously awaiting each new development as I see who pops up each day.

So why not grab a hot cup of whatever your choice is and join me as I share just a few of the photos from the Elemental Garden.

PHOTO: Meditation Bench
I am thrilled with this section and can't wait until it is in full bloom. A trellis was placed at each side and then bamboo laid across the top. Last year's clematis is coming up nicely, and will travel up and over to create a shelter from the strong afternoon sun. In front of the bench are two woodlike tree cravings, each with grasses planted beside them. Two Tiki Torches are also placed in this area, so we can sit out at night and enjoy the garden under the moonlight!

PHOTO: Tool Shed

What a joy it is when I can take something that was trashed or is soon to be trashed and give it a second life and purpose. It thrills me to take on the challenge of creating something from seemingly nothing.

It was becoming a hassel to constantly run back and forth from the garden for all the tools I needed while working, so I dedicated this back section to house the tools.

Using an old section of fencing that my husband found on the side of the road, we cut it up to form a small enclosure. Hooks were put inside to hang the tools. There is space to stack some empty plastic pots inside on the ground. The wire fencing that surrounds the garden also provides storage for the assorted piles of stakes and bamboo poles that can be weaved into place there. A piece of plastic tarp covers the top but it is rather flimsy. This year we are upgrading to a roof, my husband the great trash finder, has a discarded plastic roof from an old golf cart that he will attach to the top.

PHOTO: Tiled Storage Unit
This unit is off to the side of the Tool Shed. We got this old beat up
cabinet from a garage sale last summer, then using grout and tiles,
covered the top. It was my first attempt at a tile project and I
am proud of the results. It is used to store the smaller stuff...seed
packets, scissors, ties, lables, pens...It blends in nicely with the

Center Garden: Section 1
The garden was started with the intention of just being a small center circle. Agh, that's not enough! So four small beds surrounding the center circle were added. Agh, now that needs more defination, so four more sections were added, with a pathway between the center circle and the outer surrounding beds.

This photo is the first bed outside the center circle. I put together a trellis system out of bamboo. This will support morning glories. Last year I did this and it was strikenly beautiful. The problem was the bamboo trellis design was not strong enough to support the weight of the flowers and at times any strong wind that blew through. This year I slighlty altered the design and provided additional support with more stakes...I think I have a winner.

Well my coffee has long been done and I need to move along with the work of the day. Thanks for joining me. Hope you will stop by again soon to see what's new.

Let me leave you with this Seeds for Change Thought to ponder:
"Criticizing another's garden doesn't keep the weeds out of your own" .

Now go ahead and make it an amazing day!
And here is the rest of it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and Scott, it's 10:05am. Fri. May 30. A fabulous day here in RI. I just took a gander at your Elemental Garden and I'm Lovin it. So much evolution I see and feel, quite a sacred place, God Bless the Elementals. My coffee is cold because the site is so interesting, I don't mind I like it that way to. Blessings and be well. Laura